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Mobile App Development Services

At Webo 360 solutions, we are experts in carrying out mobility applications. We have extensive experience in this field, as well as a work team with a large number of projects carried out. Webo 360 solutions is a custom mobile app development company based in united states that is oriented to multiple uses, such as management, productivity, Self-Control, etc. We also carry out data integrations with ERP, CRM applications, or any existing system that requires having your data anywhere. We mobilize your business environment. We want our developments to be easy to handle and useful for the end-user.

By using the services of Webo 360 Solutions, your mobile application must be easy to use and with an attractive design. When hiring a mobile application development company, you must find an experienced consultancy that has worked in this service for many years, has experience with Windows Mobile, and is currently specialized in mobile applications on the 2 main platforms: iOs and Android. Webo 360 Solutions also perform mobile application development consultancy, therefore it is capable of getting the best out of your business to obtain the best solution that allows you to work from anywhere.

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Android & IOS App Development

iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets have Apple’s iOs operating system characterized by its careful aesthetics, ease of use, speed, and reliability. We take advantage of all these previous features and optimize them in our custom mobile application development service so that it will seem that the application you asked for was already pre-installed on your phone as if it were the watch. 

The Android system is the one that currently has the most presence, belonging to the famous Google search engine, installed in a high percentage of mobile devices and tablets. We are a mobile application development company that always seeks that your application can be used without problem on most devices with an elegant, visual and simple solution to help you boost your business and keep all your processes alive from anywhere.

Xamarin Consulting & Development Services

Android or IOS Mobile App development has many technologies divided by platforms, development environments, and programming languages that involve a learning effort and continuous work for developers. Until recently, apps were grouped into native (own development for each platform using native language) and hybrid (unique development of code and views for all platforms embedded as a web). However, in recent years, technological alternatives have emerged that allow cross-platform applications sharing a single code or much of it, but whose result is similar to a native compilation. This leads to more fluid and energy-efficient applications compared to hybrids. Among these alternatives, we are going to focus on the one that Webo 360 Solutions is implementing in some of its projects, Xamarin.

Xamarin is a mobile app development environment that, using C # code for the logic and XAML for the views, manages to compile natively for multiple platforms (iOS, Android, WP8, UWP, Mac, etc.). There are several IDEs available on both Windows and Mac but it is recommended to use the one that is integrated with Visual Studio since the others are being discontinued little by little. We are talking about working in a fully integrated environment with Microsoft.

Through native binding, it communicates with the native APIs of the system, and native components such as Activities, View Controllers, Fragments, or Views are implemented through classes and methods with very similar names from the platform. It is the closest thing to programming in native that there can be, but using the C # language for logic instead of the native equivalents of iOS (Objective-C, Swift), Android (Java, Kotlin), or others. Creating views is similar to native views using Storyboards and XML. The MVVM pattern is applied, the use of the Mvvm Cross library being widely used for this. 

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Skills & Technologies

At Webo 360 Solutions we take care of the digital transformation through the application of the latest technologies such as:

Mobile Consulting

We analyze and identify how they can improve the processes of each company through new mobile applications.

Backend Development

We create applications for mobile phones and tablets, and we design the Cloud servers that serve these apps. We cover a wide number of mobile operating systems

Mobile App Design

We choose the format, draw a sketch with the location of all the elements and mark the style of the appearance, all in outline mode. Then we go into action using design software.

Mobile App Development

Control any operation of your company from your mobile or tablet at any time with our custom developments

Mobile App QA And Support

An important part of that work that is not seen is in quality control. After the Mobile App has been developed and the design adjusted, it is necessary to test the operation of the final product. This process is more complex than simply running the mobile app and waiting for bugs to appear. Structural quality is measured with applications specifically created for this purpose. This task is not new, but mobile devices are changing the way it is done. Smartphones and tablets have generated a need that did not exist before: now the product must also be adapted to them.

Mobile App Evolution

Webo 360 Solutions is always willing to help your app grow by fine-tuning it, expanding its functionality according to your roadmap, and introducing cutting-edge mobile experiences to keep your users continuously engaged

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