Privacy Policy

Webo 360 Solutions condemn all connections to websites or systems whose content is contrary to public order, good morals, the brand image of Webo 360 Solutions or its Customers, as well as those that may involve a risk for the security of the information system of the platform or of the Clientele, or financially committing Webo 360 Solutions or its Clientele.

The Management is responsible for the implementation and control of the proper functioning of the information and communication system for each client as well as within the Webo 360 Solutions structure. It ensures the application of the rules of this charter and has an obligation of confidentiality on the information that it comes to know.

We use the services provided only for those who join us for business meetings and only in cases where it is necessary (this includes hosting, delivery, and development of our products). Of this Privacy Policy, you may also be made aware by publication, effective date, and quick access to our websites, we recommend that you take the time to regularly check this article to see if there have been any changes or not.


Webo 360 Solutions and all of its team undertake in all circumstances to comply with the legislation, which protects in particular intellectual property rights, the secrecy of correspondence for messaging services, personal data, automated processing systems data, image rights of individuals, and exposure of minors to harmful content.

Privacy Policy:

The privacy policy of Webo 360 Solutions is consists of the following aspects to read along with the terms and conditions:

1. Types Of Data Collected

Data is collected from different sources in order to improve and maintain our quality of services

  • Personal Data

Law relating to data processing, files, and freedoms, defines the conditions under which personal data processing can be carried out. It establishes for the benefit of the persons concerned by the processing of the rights that this invites to respect, both with regard to users and to third parties.


Personal data is related to your visit to our website, as well as the purchases and uses of our products. When you visit Webo 360 Solutions website and use any of our products, Webo 360 Solutions collects the following personal information based on the order of the ordering process or others.


Personal Information: Surname and first name (s), gender, age, e-mail address, country, postal code, telephone number, company name, profession;


Payment Information: Information of the credit card used (type, number, expiration date, visual cryptogram), information of the debit card, or other payment methods. Payment information that you provide through Webo 360 Solutions website will be stored and any other third party service provider we designate from time to time;

  • Location Data

We collect information about your location and information about your device (including operating system, username, location, IP address, log information, crash reports, and with your consent, information and file formats you are working on

  • Aggregated Personal Data

Information from your visit to our website: we collect some of your information when you log into Webo 360 Solutions website (this includes the pages that lead you to our site, the keywords you have entered in the search tool that you bring to our site)

  • Tracking & Cookies Data

Data is also collected through cookies. With cookies data, Webo 360 Solutions can recognize when you return to our site and they allow us to provide you with valuable and personalized service.


The information and communication system of each customer is based on log files (“logs”), created for the most part automatically by members of the technical team. These files are stored on computer workstations and on the Webo 360 Solutions network. They ensure the proper functioning of systems, protecting the security of Customer information, detecting hardware or software errors, and controlling access and activity of users and third parties accessing resources.

Customers are informed that multiple processing operations are carried out in order to monitor the activity of their information and communication system, as well as internally concerning Webo 360 Solutions network within its own information system. Data relating to:

  • The use of application software (access, modifications, and deletion of files);

  • Incoming and outgoing connections to the internal network, to e-mail and to the Internet, to detect anomalies related to the use of certain services such as e-mail, and to monitor intrusion attempts.
2. Use of Data

We use the process and store your information as necessary for the goods of the contract between you and us, for the purpose of improving our profit interests, and for our websites, our products, and our services. Use of information collected relating to your visit to our website, as well as the purchase and use of our services. Webo 360 Solutions uses the information that is collected during your visit to our website, during the purchase and/or use of our products, for the following reasons:

  • So that Webo 360 Solutions can properly deliver the product you have ordered;

  • For the proper functioning of the conditions of the contract of which you are a part, the collection of certain data is necessary so that Webo 360 Solutions can identify and invoice you for the purchases you make when necessary;

  • For the purpose of improving its products and providing its users and potential users with better services and details about our products
3. Retention of Data

Webo 360 Solutions will retain your data for the purposes mentioned above. Customers’ personal data will be retained by the company for enforcing its policies or legal agreements or resolving disputes etc. For a short period of time, data will also be retained for analysis purposes.

4. Transfer of Data

Webo 360 Solutions teams implement the appropriate human and technical resources to ensure the hardware and software security of Customers’ information and communication systems as well as Webo 360 Solutions data resources. As such, it is up to the technical team to limit access to sensitive resources and to acquire the authorizations necessary for the use of the resources made available to users.

In any case, personal data is not transmitted to third parties or and is not easily accessible. They must be entered by the user on each access. When necessary, a security system confidential to Webo 360 Solutions technical staff can store this type of data. 

In certain conditions, individual information might be unveiled, whenever legally necessary or because of authentic solicitations, to public specialists (like a court or an administration organization).  Where we give our own data to outsiders for these reasons, we will demand that outsiders follow this protection strategy when managing your own data. Webo 360 Solutions might unveil your own information in accordance with some basic honesty conviction that such activity is important: 

  • To ensure and shield Webo 360 Solutions privileges or property;
  • Following lawful commitments;
  • To forestall or research likely bad behavior corresponding to the help;
  • To ensure the individual security of clients of the help or general society;
  • To keep away from lawful risk
6. Storage and Security

Webo 360 Solutions implement an information and communication system (CIS) necessary for its activity, including in particular a computer and telephone network. With the aim of transparency with regard to users, of promoting a fair, responsible, and secure use of the information system, this charter lays down the rules relating to the use of these resources. It also defines the means of control and monitoring of this use put in place.

The technical means at the service of this charter aiming to ensure the supervision of the systems, the operating procedures, the supervision and maintenance of the services in production, the maintenance of the general security of the hosted data are explained in more detail within each contract of our Customers.

Unless expressly authorized by Management, access to the information system with equipment that does not belong to the company (smartphones, removable devices, etc.) is prohibited on the platform. If it has been authorized, it is up to the members of the technical team to ensure the safety of the equipment used and its harmlessness.

7. Investigations

Your personal information will be used by Webo 360 Solutions for security purposes or to explore expected extortion or different infringement of this Privacy Policy and/or endeavor to hurt our individuals or guests.

8. Minor

Webo 360 Solutions website or services are not aimed directly at children. If you believe that we have made a mistake or that you have intentionally collected information about a minor through our services without obtaining the appropriate consent, please notify us by e-mail so that we can rectify it quickly by removing information from our servers and making the necessary corrections.

9. Privacy Policy Changes

This Privacy Policy applies to applications and software from Webo 360 Solutions and its other interactions (such as customer service). If you do not agree with the terms mentioned in this article, please do not access or use the website, or even any other aspect of Webo 360 Solutions.