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Wix Vs WordPress: Which CMS You Should Choose?

Are you finding ways to look for Wix vs WordPress to decide which content management system (CMS) will help you build your website? You are at the right place.
When creating a website to establish an online business, you must have a clear vision of the differences between each available platform. Since both the webshops offer different benefits and features, choosing one might be tricky.
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Wix Vs WordPress

Let’s start by discussing the major difference that makes the two stand apart from each other. This difference is between the operating and working of WordPress and Wix. While the first is an open source content management system, the latter is a hosted website developing a solution where you need to purchase a hosting and domain name separately.
Let us compare the two marketplaces based on different factors so you can understand better WordPress vs Wix.
Before we navigate to the comparison, first find out what WordPress and Wix are.

What Is WordPress

Once a blogging platform, it is now renowned as the best CMS platform that has evolved significantly and serves all types of online content. One out of four websites that you may use every day is made using this platform.
One of the main reasons for preferring it over other available options is its open-source system, which enables anyone and everyone to edit, create, and share it under the GNU General Public License.
It also provides great features and a wide range of benefits to the users. It is affordable and free to use as a basic version, but you need to purchase your domain name and hosting. It offers a variety of themes and plugins that you can use to modify your website in terms of its appearance and capabilities. It also allows you to collaborate with developers and other website owners, create new software, and troubleshoot issues easily.

What Is Wix

If you are looking for alternatives to the former, you can go for other e-commerce solutions like Shopify or Squarespace, but Wix is the first choice due to its user-friendly interface for web developers that offers them an all-in-one web development solution.
Wix also provides intuitive features for beginners so they can easily create and manage their content online. It does not ask you to purchase a domain name and hosting separately, and the customization it offers is also simple and features a built-in drag-and-drop editor.
One of its key attributes is its round-the-clock customer service, so you always have customer support at your back in case you are stuck. It also comes with low maintenance because most of the tasks are managed by the platform, including bug fixes and software updates, so there is no hassle, and you can focus on your target, i.e., content creation.
With all these simple characteristics and attributes, it is a compelling choice for merchants who have limited web creation experience.


When comparing WordPress and Wix, you can see that both of them are different and have different features to offer to potential users. Each e-commerce platform that you choose comes with its strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you do thorough research on your online store and then compare it with the features of the platform.
Select the one that caters to most of your needs so you can get most of the benefits.
With our analyses, we found WordPress outperforming Wix due to its flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wix Good For Blogging?

Although both platforms allow users to publish posts and create blogs, WordPress is more popular in the world of blogging and the first choice for bloggers due to its extensive SEO capabilities, powerful block editor, and robust commenting.

Should I Switch From WordPress To Wix?

If you find that your WordPress site is not meeting your needs, you can switch to Wix, as it is more intuitive and offers you straightforward ways to manage your website. Some other reasons could be the difference in pricing plans, mobile optimization, customer support, and integration with other services.

Is Wix Used By Professionals?

Yes, it is the choice for most professional users because most of the features that it offers are great for big businesses, but there are big enterprises out there that don't consider it professional due to its simplicity and user-friendly interface.

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