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What Is ChatGPT?

Let’s talk about the game changer of the technological field. You might have had a very natural conversation with a machine without actually knowing it. That might be an AI tool called ChatGPT. The term stands for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer, an AI-powered Large Language Model (LLM) that was developed by OpenAI.
Chat GPT comes with the unique ability to act like a human while giving responses to the prompt. It generates real-time responses to the questions in a conversational tone. Chat GPT serves great functions to its users
Since the answers provided by GPT are based on data limited to 2020, the responses generated are comprehensive and may need to be more accurate or complete. Visit the URL and create an OpenAI account to access it without any charges. For smartphones, an official independent application is available which can be downloaded by Android and Apple users.
The latest version of OpenAI’s language model system, GPT 4 follows a multi-modal model which makes it useful for uploading worksheets, charts, and graphs to be analyzed. These functions can only be accessed by subscribing to it. The current free GPT model runs on GPT-3.
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AI GPT Competitors

Different alternatives to GPT have been introduced in the field of technology and are gaining traction. These include

Google Bard

powered by Google, Google Bard is based on PaLM and uses natural learning language and machine language to simulate human conversation.

Microsoft Bing

it uses a conversational interface to search and perform other tasks.


is a strong AI writing tool specifically designed for content creation and marketing. Though GPT is creative, Jasper excels when it comes to creative tasks related to marketing like blogs, ad posting, etc.

Who Made ChatGPT?

The idea behind this conversational bot does not come from a single mind. A San Francisco-based non-profit artificial intelligence lab named OpenAI launched GPT in November 2022. The company was co-founded by Elon Musk and Sam Altman in 2015. It took years of struggles and trials to bring forward an AI chatbot that transformed the world because of its sound ability to understand human language.

Is ChatGPT Available For Free?

The answer to this is yes and no, depending on your version.

GPT Lite

The Lite version is available as a free tool to use but has a slow response time as compared to the subscription version.

GPT Plus

GPT’s subscription model, GPT Plus, charges $20 monthly which gives you extra perks including a faster response time, access to GPT 4, and access to the internet through plugins. It also offers customer support 24/7.

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