Refund Policy

Webo 360 Solutions puts every customer first, it is committed to developing software that can solve companies’ problems and it promises to provide quality products and services. To avoid buying the wrong product and to be sure that you really need it. Webo 360 Solutions strongly recommend that customers try the product before any purchase.

How we will refund money to our customers?

For a refund, please submit a request to the Billing Department. In your request, you must indicate the reason for the return, the name of the product, and the date of purchase of the software. After offering the user support, in case the problem cannot be solved, the company will proceed to make the refund within 3 to 4 business days.

Legal Rights Agreement

All websites and web designs created by for specific clients belong to him/her. We “” will not keep any rights of websites & design created for a client.

We “” will not take any responsibility for website and web design registration created for our clients. Client has all rights to register their website and web design created/produced by
  • Webo 360 Solutions will never claim any rights over the design of the websites which it creates for its customers. These websites are solely and completely the property of the site owners. 

  • The registration of the website is the customer’s responsibility. Webo 360 Solutions does not have any responsibility in this regard.

  • Assuming on the off chance that, customer installment dismissed by their trader or bank all plans which Webo 360 Solutions made will quickly turn into the resource of until payment issues get settled. 

  • Website design codes will remains the property of Webo 360 Solutions, until the customer clears all the dues.

  • Assuming unintentionally, website compositions made by Webo 360 Solutions appears to be indistinguishable from some other organizations’ website then Webo 360 Solutions will give a totally new site/plan to their customer with no charges.
  • Webo 360 Solutions will have the right to show website architecture/locales on its site for limited time use for advertisement purposes.

Website Design Service (Packages)

    • We provide 100% money-back guarantee to our customers
    • A cashback guarantee will only be possible if our group has not begun any work on the customer project.
    • Assuming our customer gave all data to begin a planned venture and, they request cash in those days they will be qualified to forget 70% of the aggregate sum.
    • 100% Money back assurance will not be possible once the plan work is finished and conveyed to the customer
    • It is the prerogative of Webo 360 Solutions to acknowledge ventures or reject them.

    • We demand customers to brief us before they choose us for developing their software or web development. Assuming they make a buy without correspondence preceding us, they will not get qualified to get a 100% installment guarantee.
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