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PHP 8.3 What Is New?

PHP stands for hypertext preprocessor. It is an open-source scripting language. PHP is the most widely used for developing dynamic websites. Mostly, CMS (content management system) is also developed by PHP and other things need upgradation; similarly, programming and scripting languages also need updation.
PHP is the programming language used for backend development. New versions of PHP launched; the updated version of the hypertext preprocessor is PHP 8.3. But what is the news about its latest version? It includes all new functions and features. It was released on 23rd November 2023. Before its release, it was tested by three alpha releases, three beta releases, and six candidates. The latest PHP version includes high efficiency. The effective features of the latest PHP update versions are
The extensive features of hypertext preprocessor 8.3 are
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New JSON_Validate Function

The full form of JSON is JavaScript object notation. The data format is used to exchange structured data between platforms and systems. The main factors of JSON are the following
The new JSON validation has many effective features. The new version did not do heavy reading. Its new function just goes through the text and describes whether it is written in the correct code. It means your confidential text will remain secure. It makes working faster and more efficient. New JSON also uses less memory.


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