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How To Access Google Bard?

With the success of AI’s ChatGPT, Google introduced its AI-powered chatbot named Google Bard, which can generate different types of texts as per the command. This includes creative content of different types, language translation, and many others. It responds based on the information it knows or fetches it from other sources like Google. It will even let you code, solve your math problem, plan a birthday, and generate images. In short, Bard has given tough competition to other AI bots.
The initial version of Bard was using a Language Model for Dialogue Application (LaMDA). However, now it’s powered by Google’s own and most advanced Large Language Model, PaLM2, which has allowed Bard to be more powerful and efficient.

Accessing Google Bard

Access to Bard is an easy process. It is available in more than 230 countries and more than 40 languages. To start, you must go to the site URL whenever you want to access Bard. Since it is designed to be conversational, you can use a microphone or type your prompt or query into the text box. And you’re done!
It provides a chat-like response, allowing prompt and response interactions with users. By following these steps you can go directly to its interface.

How To Use Bard In Google Sheets?

Bard from Google was previously using LaMDA technology, which was not suitable for sheets. Google developed Duet AI that works on the next-generation pathway of PaLM2 for its users who want workspace apps like sheets. It works as an intelligent list generator by producing a table of contents for the user to export to Google Sheets. Since Google Sheets comes with tools like autocomplete, the table produced by Bard differs from it because it lacks the conventional autocomplete sequence. When your response shows a table, you can select the export to sheets option to export it to a new Google Sheets.
While using the Bard from Google interface is an option to export sheets, another option to use Bard in Google Sheets is by API integration. By this, you can integrate the functions directly into the workspace applications like Google Sheets. Integration allows you to generate auto reports and helps summarise data, providing ease for business solutions. It may be an easy approach but comes with some limitations. You may need to alter your prompt a few times to get the desired result. Since Bard is an experiment the data it provides is not 100% accurate. At times, you may receive an error message upon submitting your request regarding formulas or functions saying that Bard is still learning.
If you are interested in taking full advantage of Google AI Bard in your applications and business setups, Webo 360 Solutions offers you a seamless experience. Our API Integration services connect Bard with the existing tools and applications so there are no more technical hurdles and the focus is straight on utilizing Bard at its best for creative output and insights.

Alternatives Of Google Bard

Multiple technological AI bot companies are working to provide easy AI solutions. Some of the alternatives to it include


Just like Bard, this is also an AI bot designed to interact with people through natural language and machine language. It uses LLM (large language models), which generate and create user conversational responses.


Powered by Microsoft in partnership with Open AI, it works like Google and generates responses exactly what Google offers with Bard. The prompts are responded to as standard Bing search and generated by GPT-4

Jasper Chat

This AI bot enables the content creator to specify SEO keywords and the tone. Jasper is a copywriting tool with advanced technology that generates original and brand-relevant business content.

Sonic Chat

Powered by Google search and WriteSonic, which is an AI-based text generator, it was marketed as an alternative to chat up.


This is an AI bot from, which is a search engine based in Germany. It offers prompt answers as well as citations to the user.

Is Google Bard Free?

The answer to this is simple: yes! It’s a free chatbot by Google AI and is currently open to the general public. You need to create your Google account to sign in for the Bard interface; that’s it. Google does not charge the customer for the services that it provides.

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