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Ban On Apple Watch: All Is Explained

Apple is considered the most popular and successful information technology company. They develop a ton of technological equipment used widely throughout the world. They are always ahead in the technological race. If we talk about its products, we mostly find smartphones, laptops, and iPads. One more Apple product that caught the attention of audiences is the Apple Watch.
The first smartwatch was introduced in April 2015. After its launch, it quickly became the best-selling product. IPhone users normally prefer Apple’s smartwatch because of its advanced features. The following are the distinctive qualities of the Apple smartwatch
As time passed, Apple Inc. launched more advanced iOS watches that had more effective and efficient features. IWatch has many merits, but it also has some demerits. The following are the demerits of the Apple smart watch
Steve Jobs recently introduced new Apple watches named Series 9 and Ultra 2. It’s not obvious that everything launched by Apple Inc. should be authentic and accurate. Although its products are very popular and used widely by many people, there are some drawbacks and flows.
According to research, Apple’s Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 are banned by the US International Trade Commission. The reason behind it is that a company named Masimo made allegations that iOS uses their technologies in their newly launched smartwatch series. Apple had to follow the instructions of the US International Trade Commission and stop the manufacturing and selling of its new smartwatches.

Ban On Apple’s Watch: What’s The Next Step

Apple Inc. was obviously not happy with the decision to ban their watches. Although they also deny the allegations, they can’t violate the law. The ban was imposed on 27 December, so Apple had to stop the sales of series nine and Ultra 2 smartwatches immediately. Apple is trying hard to lift this ban and wants to continue selling its watches, but it may take time to solve this issue. They are trying different procedures to lift the ban and continue selling their products in the United States without any legal problems.
A legal battle was started between Masimo and iOS, but we all know Apple is way more advanced in digital transformation. They are superior in handling difficulties and problems. According to recent research, the high court allowed Steve Jobs to again start selling his newly launched watch. You can buy it from Apple’s official website. They will be soon available in stores as well.



Why The Apple Watch Is Being Banned?

Companies like Masimo and Cercacor laboratories made legal allegations against iOS. They said that the Series 9 and Ultra 2 watch series copied their idea of tracking oxygen in the blood. This was the basic reason for the ban on Apple’s new watch.

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