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Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Software Developer

Every business, whether a giant software firm, multimillionaire enterprise or a start-up, at some point in their life cycle, faces the need for a  software developer to create a custom business software development app – to achieve guaranteed and consistent growth. Now the question here is how the business develops the tailored business app that will bring in potential customers and assure its victory in the long run.

Software Development Options

Company Vs Freelancers

There are several ways an enterprise can go about developing tailored software. The two most common options are – Either the business can hire software developers or choose a development company. Indeed, both options have a lot to think about before making the final decision. Hence, we are here to help you make the best decision for your business

Yes, both the big enterprise as well as start-ups require some form of software expansion. But, we need to keep in mind that when the business is in its early stages, it usually lacks professional software developers. On the other hand, a well-established enterprise already has a technical development team on board. However, it’s too much on their plate, and they prefer outsourcing software development companies as an economical alternative.

Let’s walk through some of the pros and cons of both choices, so the corporation can make the best decision for their project and business. 

To begin with, we will look into the advantages and disadvantages of hiring software development firms and later on dig into hiring a software developer.

Hiring A Software Development Business

Software Development Business

Yes, it’s a fact that not all businesses can actually hire a software developer to cater to all software-related developments, so they choose to outsource to software firms. The benefits are way beyond the profound expertise as it also helps with teamwork, collective experience, among others. A few of the benefits are discussed below, supporting why hiring a software development company is the best decision.


Cost Effective SolutionCost-Effective Solution – Of course, software development is relatively inexpensive when choosing a software company than hiring software developers permanently – it will always cost less (and the difference is vast). Indeed, using specific professionals only increases the company’s dependability, and what better to simplify it by outsourcing it to the development companies.
RelaibilityReliability – Not only has this, but the software application development agreements between the company also deliver a high level of reliability. By clearly communicating the functions, deliverability, and software outcomes, one can quickly lower down their level of risks.
QualitySuperior Quality Of The Final Product – Unlike hiring a software developer, the development companies promise and deliver a higher quality final software. Furthermore, before returning the final product, all testing is entirely performed, ensuring peace of mind.  
SecurityHighest Level Of Security – Not all companies are comfortable when it comes to cyber data. It is crucial than ever to keep the data confidential and protected. So, it’s always better to trust a company with comprehensive resources and state-of-the-art technologies to secure all the information.  In today’s era of digital breaches, one thing that should never be compromised is the company’s crucial data, so to minimize the loopholes, a better choice is choosing software companies over software developers. 
ScaleScale Team With Ease – At any development stage, the software firm is better positioned to cater to changing client’s needs compared to a full-time developer, no matter the level of expertise or industry. Specifically, during the unpredicted circumstances, the development company has a pool of young, talented individuals that can easily and within no time can solve the issue, leading to increased scale.  


CommunicationCommunication issues – Sometimes, miscommunication occurs more when working with software development business than when hiring software developers, as the company is located in a different country or even working at varied time zones. The language barrier is another thing that can become a barrier, and this can’t be underestimated. 

Hiring A Software Developer

Software Developer

Alternatively, hiring a software developer who works full-time promises timely delivery by devoting almost 40 hours a week. By choosing a software developer, the business is liable to provide equipment, office space, insurance, and other benefits.


team memberValuable team member – Indeed, the permanent software developer will spend time understanding the nature of the business in detail, leading to free word-of-mouth promotion for the company compared to contracting with the software firms. Additionally, when the individual is accountable for delivering the task, it makes it easy for the company to measure the performance. 
Availability Availability – The market is full of numerous developers, and almost every other person knows someone who is a professional developer. Hence, making it easier to hire one.

EconomicalEconomical – As the market is full of developers, many are willing to work on a lower pay scale. This works in favor of the software companies. Beyond this, numerous contracting websites such as Upwork are filled with individuals that will offer the required development.

Optimum Optimum Scope Of Work – As an employer, the company can demand and list the type of work required, and the developer can deliver. Furthermore, a business can also maximize its competencies by assigning different nature of tasks.


Diverse Skill SetDiverse Skill Set Required – As software development is a very diverse and complex disciple and includes mobile, web, and desktop applications, front and backend development, architecture, design, among others. All this makes it difficult for the business to hire the right development company.
Work Efficiency IssuesWork Efficiency Issues – Yes, the full-time employer is willing ad motivated to perform the task, but there’s also a flip side. After some time, most employees lose their productivity and spend time on non-productive tasks such as gossips, excessive coffee breaks, and spending more time on mobiles. Here’s why hiring a software developer isn’t a good choice.

Wrapping It Up…

Let’s sum up what we’ve discussed. Yes, choosing between hiring an in-house software developer or a software firm is quite tricky. But, from the above pros and cons, it is evident that each option fits particularly well in specific projects. In general, choosing a software development firm is a better decision than hiring software developers for businesses as it saves time and ensures the highest quality of results.

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