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Useful Mobile Apps to help a business grow in 2021

Managing a Business is not a piece of cake. It doesn’t matter how large or small your business is or how much workforce is involved in your industry. While running a business, you have to properly design the budget, look after the finance issues, manage staff, hire groomed people, increase productivity, and many other things involved in the business. If your business is vertically integrated, the scenario becomes difficult because you are the only CEO managing your business requirements and dealings with your staff.

In that case, you need a partner who is loyal, worthy, and consistent. But where to find a partner for your business? It is a question that most businesspeople find confusing. There is no need to look here and there because mobile apps for business are the perfect partner in this modern age.

It is the reason we have created a list of the best apps for business that will help you deal with your business in the best manner.

Why does your business need a small business app?

Small businesses usually carry significant burdens, so business apps can help you deal with those burdens if you own a small business. Following are the areas where such business apps assist you:

1. Project Management
2. Accounting and Finance
3. Managing Staff

4. Time Scheduling
5. Job Scheduling
6. Payment Necessities
7. Marketing

There are many other minor factors in which smart apps can play a vital role, but these are the major highlighted factors under consideration while listing the best apps for small businesses. So, let’s jump straight into the list!

Best 9 Apps for Small Businesses

We have created a list of the top 9 best apps for small businesses that are the top-rated useful business apps to help enterprises grow in 2021. We have categorized each app so that you can choose the best app according to your company requirements. You can download any of these apps for project management, analytics, user communication, and any small business requirement.

Rodeo (Project Management App)

Rodeo is a perfect app for project management in small businesses. You can create the budget and other estimates. Moreover, the Rodeo app will help you with project planning and time tracking.

The rodeo app can provide invoices in PDF and ensures real-time reports. So, on the whole, this application is an ideal choice for project management concerning small businesses. All this makes it one of the best apps for business in 2021.

2. Connect Team (Small business management App)

Connect team is the ideal app for managing a small business. It is an all-in-one app where you can manage tasks, operate a day-to-day routine, manage staff, and improve the performance of employees. This app can help your business grow faster than usual.

Taking care of the employee, onboarding to time tracking, job scheduling, and other relative operational procedures connects the team to do the stuff perfectly. You can have complete visibility into the routine of your employees. It is how this application can help you increase productivity.

The live chat option of this app is another fascinating feature on which you can create groups, chat with employees, share videos, pictures, and PDF. Additionally, you can create professional courses using this innovative application to help you conduct quizzes and much more.

3. Workday (HR and Finance App)

Workday is among the best mobile apps for business dealing and financing. This application is specially designed for HR and finance, where you can make good choices using data instead of guesswork. You can engage your employees and customize them at any moment.

The Workday Human Capital Management System allows you to plan recruiting strategies. This application is easy to use and seamlessly handles your employees from day one to the last day.

4. Social Status (Analytics and Reporting App)

The social media status of your business holds a special place in current scenarios. That is the reason why the Social Status application is trustworthy among business corporations. This application allows marketers and business owners to thoroughly analyze and comment on their social media marketing status

But more features make it one of the best business apps out there.

Social Status supports digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can track the progress of your social media pages and YouTube channels. Apart from that, you can automate the social media report in PDF or PowerPoint to analyze it properly.

5. Melio (Payment App for Small Businesses)

Payment issues are the most common problems that are faced by small entrepreneurs. If you are facing the same issues, then Melio can help you sort out all of them. Melio is a user-friendly application that allows you to transfer payment using a bank account and debit card.

This best mobile app for business is perfect for busy entrepreneurs looking for an easy way to pay bills without getting bothered every time. Melio can manage cash flow with ease, so you do not need to

Purchase high-paid payment software. You can schedule your payments and do not need to worry about late fees. Additionally, you can allow your accountant to access the application for managing stuff. But still, you have complete control over the approval of the transaction.

6. Venmo (Customer Management App)

Venmo applications are not designed just to pay bills and share money with friends. This commerce platform allows you to do much more. When a customer checks out, Venmo connects them to real friends who can later share their experience about what they have bought. In this way, your business will get more exposure.

Customers can easily connect their wallets to the Venmo application and then pay for future transactions. Note that Venmo charges 0.30$ per transaction.

7. Surfer (Content Management App)

Surfer is a great content management app that lowers your competition by ranking your content. Surfers use SEO techniques to optimize your content. Moreover, the application suggests keywords based on competition. This application has an exciting user experience, making it one of the best applications for small businesses in 2021.

Surfer ensures Audits of pages that will confirm whether your page is optimized or not. Further, you will have a content planner and SERP analyzer to analyze and compare page performance. These are the reasons why Surfer is among the best apps for business.

8. Rescue Time (Time Management App)

Rescue Time is the best time management application found on the internet. Rescue runs in the desktop or mobile background and analyses how much time you spend on an application or website so that an appropriate picture of the day is in front of you.

Rescue can also set alerts to notify you of an application or website taking more of your time. Once you know your daily routine, you can minimize the unused stuff and be more productive.

9. WIX (Marketing App)

Wix Owner Application is an excellent online platform where you can create your business website. Wix has thousands of themes from where you can choose one for yourself. Once you have started a website, add content to it and publish it. With a unique website, you can engage the audience and attract more leads.

Wix application allows you to keep a glance at the daily business activities so that you can keep yourself on top of things. You can manage your inventory, add tracking numbers, and send proposals to clients using this app. You can manage bookings and create custom invoices for your business without investing anything in it.

Final Thoughts on Small Business Apps

A lot of factors remain common among both large and small businesses. Project management, time management, job scheduling, and handling employees to increase productivity are the aspects that are found in each business. No doubt the business totally depends on the way its chairperson has decided to take it. Planning, recruiting, and the results depend on the high authorities’ mindset indulging in the business. The apps mentioned above are the best apps for business and, ideally, the best apps for small businesses. These applications can deal with the tricky stuff that bothers you daily and make your work easy.

All the mobile apps for business are trusted if you know how to use them and involve the employees within the application to make things easy for you and your business.

So run your business confidently, whether large or small and put the maximum effort into managing time and money. Use these apps to help grow your business in 2021. Try all of these and let us know which one you find the best. Also, let us know if you have used any of these apps before. Thanks for reading!

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