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Tips For Choosing An eCommerce Development Agency

In today’s fast-paced world, where  competition has reached the next level and companies are struggling to stay on top of their game, it is more important than ever to keep on innovation, every day. Among these revolutions, one that has impacted the digital world the most is eCommerce development – opening doors of opportunities not only for ecommerce development agencies but also for other industries such as tech-savvy entrepreneurs, software houses, eCommerce agencies, and many others.

Bear in mind, as an industry, eCommerce is estimated to grow at a 13.7 rate per year. Furthermore, the worldwide pandemic and the retail apocalypse have boosted the industry. Concisely, in this game of e-commerce and business, one needs a helping hand, no matter the situation or the industry – it should be knowing the way around and can lead your agency or business to successful digital transformation.

How to Choose the Right eCommerce Development Company

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No matter if your business is completely new to the ecommerce game or focused on selling products through a chain of brick-and-mortar shops. Nonetheless, don’t give up on web stores just because of eBay, or Amazon; there’s an industry of more than 2 billion, waiting to be explored.
Remember, there are plenty of doppelgangers roaming here and there pretending to be experts, but in reality, they don’t, so don’t fall for them.
Now comes the difficult part, so, how does one decide which eCommerce development agency is right for you?

Don’t worry, in this blog, we’ll provide some great tips that will surely help in choosing the best agency that meets your e-commerce needs.

1. Remember – Portfolio Says It All

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Yes, checking the portfolio of a company you are choosing is the first step, as it will offer you an eye into what type of projects the company is offering. The easiest way to have a look is by visiting their website and checking if the eCommerce projects are successfully completed. Quite important to highlight here,
Just don’t look at the screenshots; rather go the extra mile – click and head over to the actual websites built by the eCommerce agency.

2. The Technological Expertise

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Never ignore considering the technical development team working at your chosen company and make sure they understand the different modules, architectures, and modules used in different types of websites. One way of ensuring that they have the technical knowledge is by asking ecommerce development-related questions.

3. Check Testimonials, Client Reviews and Service Quality

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Always do a proper search of reviews of each e-commerce-centric company, as this will help you make the right decision. After having a look at their portfolio and expertise, you may feel they fit perfectly, but if their track record isn’t impressive, then all of your hard work will go to waste. Take all the steps to ensure that the agency is trustworthy and reliable.

4. Experience Level

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Certainly, some things can be said with clarity that your online store must have all the necessary development and best practices. In order to be sure that they are being implemented, check the people you are going to work with. One of the ways is to check their experience on various social media and professional platforms such as LinkedIn.

5. Affordability

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Now, before starting searching for an ecommerce development agency, make sure you have a defined budget. This helps you be in a better position to negotiate the services required. Moreover, numerous ecommerce agencies use a budget calculator to estimate the project cost required to complete the development of the project.

6. Focus On Key Metrics

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Indeed, the market is full of numerous eCommerce organizations that offer metrics that can actually be measured, and it’s equally important to identify the core benchmarks to see  growth. A few of the main metrics include website traffic, conversion rates, email opt-ins, leads, and order values. If you are confused or can’t find answers, then it is always best to ask the developers.

7. Approach To Work

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Now that you are aware of the nature of the jobs being offered by  development agencies, it’s important to identify their strengths as well. For instance, a company may be good at redesigning the existing website and the other might be good at delivering a memorable UI/UX experience. Hence, make an effort to understand what the company is good at before making any decision.

8. Customer Comes First – Literally

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Yes, everything the agency does is to earn revenue, but it should also satisfy customer needs. The work performed by the eCommerce company must generate leads, sales, and revenues at a consistent rate along with finding cost-effective ways to reduce high-costing areas – in a nutshell, they should be operating to solve customer issues while increasing their rate of returns.

9. Interactions Between The Company And The Client


Another important aspect is how the interactions between the developer and client are carried out. Additionally, does the ecommerce development agency have the proper communication tools such as Twitter, Skype, Google talk, email, and others. It is quite a necessity to stay regularly in touch with the developer or else it will become a battlefield.

10. After Sales Service – It’s Really Important

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Did you know that after-sales service is the deciding factor in choosing the appropriate ecommerce development agency as you are not going to work with the company till the ecommerce website is ready, but also afterward. In many cases, a company requires services even after the work has been completed, so select the one that is passionate about your business, and actually cares about your work.

11. Check Blog Section

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Do not forget to have a look at their blog section on the website as it will showcase several things such as whether the eCommerce agency is applying current trends and practices in their technology.

12. Development Process


One of the best practices is to ask the ecommerce development company about their development process of an online store. Even if you don’t understand a single step, this will help you compare the development process of other companies and help select the best one and complications can be solved quicker.

13. Number Of Developers

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One of the biggest advantages of hiring an ecommerce firm is that you have access to a pool of expertise. And it is a good thing, let me clear that out. Now you actually gain knowledge from the entire team and not one person.

14. What Makes Them Different?

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By now you would have checked several eCommerce development agencies and would be having difficulties in selecting one. Here’s what can help – start by identifying their unique selling point, and it’s always best to choose the one that stands out.

15. Location

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In the end, let’s discuss why location plays a role in deciding the ecommerce company. Many merchants actually prefer working with local clients and others opt for international clients. Living in modern times when communication is not an issue, why not cash the global market.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, by leveraging eCommerce development agencies, one can surely embark on the potential customers and market share. Businesses and eCommerce agencies with or without any physical presence can take advantage of the tips discussed above in growing their business, gaining valuable insights, and increasing ROI.

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